How To Find Durable Nursing Shoes

Shoes are one of the important and integral parts of our busy life style.

The main advantage of wearing them is that they prevent us from different allergies and foot diseases. Medical professionals, especially nurses who keep standing, walking, or running during their long work hours must use very comfortable shoes that keep their feet comfortable instead of keeping them tired and painful.

The nurse footwear, which is especially designed for the medical professionals, is the best thing to choose. These durable nursing shoes come in various models, sizes, colors and prices.

There are many top branded companies which manufacture them like the Dansko, Nurse Mates, Klogs-US, Earth, Spring, Dickies, and Rockers. Not only the nurses, but other professionals also purchase these shoes as they find the footwear to be very comfortable.

The durability of the shoes mainly depends on the brand name, price, and from the material used for making the footwear.

And where do you buy it? Logically speaking, a shoe which is higher in price and which holds a good brand name will last for a longer time, but a shoe which is lower in price or of an unpopular brand name will certainly last for a shorter period, at times even less than the period it is expected to last.

The shoes that you select need not look very stylish or grand, and the only thing is that they should not leave you with painful, swollen or tired feet at the end of the day. Choose a shoe that will be comfortable for your feet and it should also meet all the safety requirements concerning your job. You can read more about this on our main nurses shoes page here.

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If you fall in that category of nurses, where looking after the patients, managing your personal works and communicating to your friends and family members takes up most part of the day, then you should go in for those shoes that are costly but will last for a minimum period of three years. This way, you will not be wasting your time every year buying a new pair of shoes. You can utilize all those moments saved to do up all those bits and pieces of work that you had wanted to do for a long time, but for which you could not allot exclusive time.
Few tips to be kept in mind while purchasing a nurse’s shoes.

• Leather shoes or shoes with leather uppers will be both durable as well as comfortable. It is better to choose a leather shoe or a shoe that is made up of artificial leather.

• See that the shoes are padded along the soles. This keeps your feet active and comfortable while working.

• If you are buying this kind of footwear for the first time, then don’t buy it online. Go to a shop and wear them and pace up and down the shop once or twice and make sure that you got the right shoe. Once you are happy with the right kind of shoe, then you can buy it online.

• You will face foot problems if you wear a shoe that is very short or very long for your feet. Always purchase the correct size that fits your foot. Ill fitting shoes will lead not only to problems in your foot, but will also cause back pain.

• Many nurses prefer the kind of footwear that is closed at the toes. These closed toe shoes are said to be safer while working.

• Choose the slip proof shoes and water resistant shoes, as they will help prevent unnecessary accidents.

• Do not buy a shoe that is very tight at your heel.

• Extra support can be provided for the foot that gets easily tired by adding a pair of gel inserts to your shoe.

• See to that the shoe is shock proof.

• Your shoes must have enough ventilation and also must keep your feet cool.

• Your footwear should have a strong grip and be lightweight. Heavy shoes will lead to leg pain and back pain.

All the shoe manufacturers make shoes only after considering all the above factors. If you don’t like to wear a shoe for a long period then you can go in for a shoe that is cheap and lasts for a short period, so that you can keep changing them often. But make sure that they meet the above factors.

The Dansko provides very comfortable footwear. Though they come up with very attractive and innovative designs, their main concern is comfort to the consumer.

The Merrell offers good performance and quality footwear for its customers.

The Nurse Mates provides shoes that will last for a longer period. They also provide stylish shoes that are energizing and comfortable. They manufacture shoes with thoughtful details and also using premium materials.

The Klogs-USA provides shoes that absorb shock with superior energy made out of polyurethane formula.

The Pothia offers good occupational footwear with excellent quality, comfort, service, and price.

All the companies manufacture shoes that cater to different types of customers, and it is only up to the customer to choose the right one for their feet. After all, in the nursing profession you need to stand and walk a lot, and for this taking good care of the feet is essential. A good and comfortable shoe will lead you on to a very comfortable day.