Nursing Shoe Brands

Most people would tell you that when it comes to footwear, the brand names don’t matter much. What’s important is the quality of the item. But, most of the time, its hard for people to pinpoint quality. And more often than not, well known brands do carry the best quality nursing shoes. So, sometimes, brands do matter – especially when it comes to nursing shoes.

Here are few of the most well known nursing shoe brands in the nursing footwear industry. Some of these brands have been around for decades, some centuries. Some of them are from upstart companies – but one thing these brands have in common is the fact that they produce high quality nursing footwear.


The Nurse Mates brand is one of the most popular and internationally recognised nursing footwear brands. Since their establishment, Nurse Mates have produced high end nursing shoes designed specifically for nurses. These shoes are also easily identifiable with their signature blue hearts. Nurse Mates produces classic shoes that have been designed like Loafers. They also have leather clogs and athletic shoes.

Nurse Mates nursing shoes come with reliable slip resistant heels. Most of their shoes come in white, but they do produce footwear in black and toffee shades. Most Nurse Mates shoes are made of the softest tumble leather that is designed to mould itself to the wearer’s feet.


Cherokee is known not only as a nursing footwear company – but also as a work shoe company in general. Cherokee produces several of the best and the most reliable nursing shoes in the market today. They produce nursing shoes with traditional designs. They also manufacture clogs and athletic nursing footwear. Cherokee is also branching out and producing lightweight shoes made out of injection mould plastic.

This company produces nursing shoes in different colors. They have black and white ones as well as shoes that come in shades of blue and grey. Nursing shoes from Cherokee are designed for comfort and function. Their footwear items sport outer soles that have been designed to provide traction and resist slipping.


Medimex produces high quality autoclaveable clogs. Their shoes are the perfect footwear choice for nurses and doctors working in a sterile environment. They are also ideal for nurses working with patients inflicted with infectious diseases. These autoclaveable clogs make sure that infection control guidelines are strictly followed. They are also perfect for everyday nursing use because they are comfortable to wear.


The American Red Cross is known for being a beacon of the American health care scene. That is why, its no surprise that they produce their own footwear line that has been specifically designed for men and women in the healthcare field.

The American Red Cross produces sleek work footwear that is either made of leather of high-end sports fabrics. They also produce lightweight clogs for use in specialized units. The American Red Cross is a bit more liberal – color wise – they have introduced shades of pink, blue and grey into the design of their shoes and clogs. They also have athletic style nursing shoes that have a touch of red and blue.


Landau has a line called Landau Foot Wear RX. They come with the tagline – “Therapy for you Feet”. These are great shoes for nurses who constantly experience plantar, ankle and calf aches. Shoes from Landau are mostly clogs – these shoes come in white, blue and black.


AnyWear is another company that produces high quality nursing shoes. Their line consists mostly of clogs – but shoes from AnyWear stand out because of their design. They produce plastic injection mould shoes that have unique cut out designs. Their footwear items are also very affordable.


Birkenstock may be known for their day-wear line of footwear, but they also produce high quality leather clogs that nurses can use at work. Birkenstocks are lightweight and are very easy to maintain. Their clogs also have a spacious design that provides the utmost comfort.


Dickies is long known as a workwear company. This brand has been creating steel-toe boots and cargo pants to accommodate the need of men in construction sites.

Now, Dickies also has a line of shoes called Dickies® Medical Uniform. The shoes in this footwear line are mostly clogs. The clogs come with a comfortable lining and are very lightweight.

They also come in a wide range of colors from purple to blue.

Other great brands include Dansko, Quarky, Rosie, Life Spring, Calzuro, Klogs-USA, Allheart and Comfort Clogs.