Nursing Shoes – Does Price Equate Quality?

When buying shoes, price is often the first that the nurse considers. Nursing shoes may not be as expensive as Manolo Blahniks or those red-soled Christian Loubotins, but their prices can still get pretty steep. Most buyers equate price with quality: The more expensive the shoe, the more comfortable it is and the longer it will last. Although, that may be true for some shoes, there are still a lot of affordable and high quality shoes in the market today.

$15 to $40 Shoes

Affordability does not necessarily mean poor quality. There are many shoes in the $15 – $40 range that are comfortable and can last the wearer a very long time. Shoes in this price range are mostly clogs and lightweight plastic shoes.

Dickies is a popular footwear brand. They are known for both quality and affordability and they produce clogs in the $35 range. Their items are usually made up of lightweight plastic and have fabric insoles and linings. Dickies clogs are available in basic black and in bright shades.

The AnyWear® Shoe company produces lightweight shoes that start at $32.

Quark is another company that produces affordable nursing shoes. They have items that retail for $33 – some are priced much lower. This brand usually produces clogs, but they also have great nursing shoes. Quark also has shoes in the $40 to $50 USD range.

Medical superstores like ALL HEART also produce affordable nursing clogs. They have clogs starting at $15. Customers can choose from ventilated and non-ventilated shoes. Their clogs also come in a wide array of colors and styles.

$40 – $70 Shoes

Some of the best shoes for nurses fall under this price range. These are usually comfortable, classic nursing shoes. Some shoes, like those produced by Nurse Mates, are made of soft leather. Other shoes in this range are athletic shoes. Some clogs are also priced between $40 and $70 USD.

Medimex Clogs and Plogs usually retail between $42 and $70. The clogs from this company are usually autoclaveable and can be used by both nurses and physicians. They also come in a wide range of colors.

Nurse Mates is one of the most well known producers of affordable high quality shoes and clogs. They have a wide range of styles that both made and female nurses can choose from. They also produce clogs and athletic shoes. Nurse Mates shoes are easily recognizable because of the tiny blue heart incorporated into the shoe design. Their shoes usually start at $60.

Cherokee is another brand of nursing footwear. Their shoes usually start at $40 and goes up from there. This company produces both male and female nursing shoes. They also have clogs and athletic style shoes.

$70 – $100 Shoes

Calruzo autoclaveable clogs usually retail at $80. These are high quality items that are resistant to the high heat of the autoclave. As a result, they are the perfect footwear item for nurses and other medical professionals working in sterile areas such as the Operating Room.

Shoes from the American Red Cross also retail from $70 to $100. Most of their shoes are athletic in style and design. They also produce ventilated clogs. This brand is most known for their slim and sleek design. They are also easily recognizable because most of the shoes carry the Red Cross logo.

Birki’s is another company that produces high quality nursing shoes. They have medical clogs for both men and women. Another good brand is ALPRO. This company produces Steel Toe Medical Clogs that retail for $100 or less. These steel toe clogs are great for nurses and surgeons who work on orthopedic cases.

$100 and More

Nursing shoes that cost $100 or more are often come from well-known brands such as Dansko and Birkenstock. Dedicate nursing shoe manufactures such as Nurse Mates also have shoes in this price range.

Dansko is one of the most popular brands of nursing and medical clogs. This patented Danish clog is made of the best quality materials. They are designed for comfort and are durable too. The company’s philosophy stems from the fact that they want to make shoes that are good looking inside and out.

The company makes sure that they make their shoes out of the best materials available. Their clogs are also designed to make sure that the wearer’s feet are not only protected – they must be comfortable too. All that attention to detail and quality does reflect on the shoe price. Dansko clogs usually retail for $100 or more.

Another company with products in this price range is Birkenstock. Birkenstock has a line of leather medical clogs for both men and women. Birkenstocks have been specially designed to have a wide toe-box. Shoes with wide toe boxes are generally more comfortable than those with narrow ones.

Quality does play a big role when it comes to the prices of nursing shoes. Shoe manufactures that sell shoes for $100 or more are known to produce quality products that can stand abuse and will last a very long time. But, there are also a lot of high quality nursing shoes from Cherokee, Nurse Mate and American Red Cross that are both affordable and durable. Shoes priced under $30 are also a good option for nurses on a budget.