Best Plantar Fasciitis Shoes For Women

Women are equally at risks of suffering from plantar fasciitis just like men are. This is because they do exercise just as men and also involve themselves in careers that are so much demanding and require protection.

A good example of such a career is nursing, which is highly dominated by women. There are a good number of shoes that are important in ensuring that the women are protected from the painful plantar fasciitis inflammation.

Below are reviews of some of these shoes.

Plantar Fasciitis Shoes For Women

Saucony Guide 7

The wonderful Saucony Guide 7 is incredible when it comes to plantar fasciitis sufferers and comes with a high rating among women shoes for the aforementioned condition. Its predecessor, the Saucony Guide 6 is also great.

The shoes have got strategic stability zones which add to support and functionality while at the same time ensuring that flexibility and cushioning are maintained to an optimum.

It is a pair of shoe that offers the best results to the neutral runners together with moderate over Pronators. Its unique strengths include: Great for the long distance runners – Good cushioning – Light but comes with lots of stability – Best option for mild Pronators

New Balance W1540

Among the top shoes recommended to women for running is the New Balance W1540 which is essential for motion control.

The pair of shoes comes with Rollbar supports together with absorbing mid foot cushioning technology. Though it is credited for balance, it is also popular when it comes to reduction of foot pain.

The New Balance W1540 is one of the highest rated shoes among those recommended to women suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Its strengths include: Support from plantar fasciitis crowd – Appropriate shoe for those with overweight – comfortable shoe offering ample arch together with heel support – Many positive feedbacks when it comes to OTC inserts

Orthaheel Women’s Venture Walker Leather Athletics

The Orthaheel Women’s Venture Walker Leather Athletics features Orthaheel Technology which entails a biometric orthotic insole or rather foot bed which aligns your feet naturally and end up helping your heel from pain through reduction of over-pronation.

The shoes are made with very durable rubber soles and the roof of the shoes is synthetic. It also comes with lightweight but durable mesh together with manmade overlays which gives you a good sporty look while at the same time ensuring enhanced comfort and breathability.

With the Orthaheel Women’s Venture Walker Leather Athletics, confidence is guaranteed with every step you make. Its removable EVA food bed that is designed with the first flexor technology is a plus as far as dealing with plantar fasciitis is concerned.

Reebok Women’s Walk Ultra IV DMX Max Walking Shoe

The Reebok Women’s Walk Ultra IV DMX Max Walking Shoe is designed with performance as far as plantar fasciitis condition is concerned.

The pair of shoes is designed with breathable fabric to improve on the comfort of the feet and toes. It also brags of strong cushioned support, one of the major features that need to be considered when designing or buying a pair of shoes for plantar fasciitis.

They are lace up shoes that can be adjusted to fit well depending on the type of exercise you want to involve yourself in. the materials, such as its rubber sole are manmade and the leather used for the roof of the shoe is to guarantee durability.


The above mentioned shoes are just some among the best types of plantar fasciitis shoes for women. There are however a wide variety of others that will suit your interests and tastes. By doing enough research both online and offline, you will not fail to get one for yourself.

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