Plantar Fasciitis Taping-How to tape for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis taping is known to be one among the simplest, very effective and very affordable way of treating the plantar fasciitis problem.

This is because it’s so easy to do the whole thing at home without the need of any required specialization. The taping prevents further damage, stops pain and supports the afflicted foot.

Remedy Athletic Kinetic Kinesiology Tape, Blue

The Remedy Athletic Kinetic Kinesiology Tape, Blue is a perfect plantar fasciitis taping for any person.

Regardless of whether you are an indoor sport person, an outdoor sportsman, a professional career person in the nursing profession among others, this taping will do you lots of good as far as your plantar fasciitis issues are concerned.

The taping is accompanied with the following characteristics: its rolls measure 5cm X 5m – it enhances recovery from plantar fasciitis, reinforces your joints, reduces pain in the muscles and increases mobility. The tape is waterproof and is able to be worn for up to 4 days.

For best results as you strive to recover from plantar fasciitis, do not hesitate buying the Remedy Athletic Kinetic Kinesiology Tape, Blue.

EasyComforts FasciaDerm PFTapeTM

The EasyComforts FasciaDerm PFTapeTM uses the taping innovation to treat plantar fasciitis by supporting your feet and giving it relief for over 24hrs.

This taping stabilizes your foot and limits pronation together with supination thereby offering comfort to as it enhances for healing. It is easy to apply with neither need of cutting nor modifying as a single size is able to fit all sizes of feet as well as either the left or the right foot.

The package of the EasyComforts FasciaDerm PFTapeTM comes with seven applications of the tape for plantar fasciitis. For best results, use for at least 14 days but up to 21 days.

Kinesio Pre-Cut Applications – Single Packs

The Kinesio Pre-Cut Applications guarantees you of faster and very effective relief from pain as it also offers support for muscle injuries together with aches.

The design of this taping is meant to target the fascia together with the muscle tissue thereby treating the cause of pain and muscle inflammation. The tape is hypoallergenic, water resistant, is easy to apply and is nonrestrictive. It is capable of providing relief for up to three days with the relief being able to extend for 24 hours every day.

For a lightweigh, breathable taping that doesn’t limit motion range and is 100% latex free, the Kinesio Pre-Cut Applications – Single Packs is the unit to go for.

2-Pack – Kindmax Precut Foot Support (Black) – Kinesiology Tape for Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis

The Kinesiology Tape is one taping unit that’s easy to use as it comes with a step-by-step illustration of how to use it. If you properly apply it, it can stay on for up to 5 days through swimming, showering as well as in intense exercise.

It is a lightweight type of taping unit that comes with elastic cotton tape design which is latex free, has acrylic adhesive and is hypoallergenic.

It is good for providing support for the injured muscles together with joints minus limitation of range of motion.


Even though they are effective the plantar taping may not address the main or rather root cause of plantar fasciitis. For total relief, use a combination of methods such as appropriate shoes, insoles for plantar fasciitis among others.

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